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the ocean

The Ocean


  • Saturday

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2023 saw the release of the band’s ninth album 'Holocene' - the heavily conceptual collective’s most exploratory and varied release yet - and the conclusion of the paleontological era they began with 2018’s 'Phanerozoic I: Paleozoic' and continued with 2020’s 'Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic / Cenozoic'.

Having flirted more with extreme metal influences on these records than ever before, the arrival of Holocene saw the band - lead by guitarist and mastermind Robin Staps - forge a new path into a world of looped electronics and more subtle melodic experimentation while philosophically reflecting on humanity as always, this time on the nascent realities of a post-pandemic world.


  • We'd prefer it if you leave your bags at home, but if you do need to bring one, please keep it small. Bags will be subject to a quick inspection before you enter.
  • Remember to bring your photo ID (a valid NZ driver's license, passport or Kiwi Access Card). 
  • Minors can attend only with a legal guardian.


  • A range of food and drinks will be available in the venue.